UI/UX is the pursuit of the organization of content and design in a way to present a tangible and user friendly design to users. Using the traditional methods mixed with the current trends to deliver a ground breaking design for web sites and apps.

Priding myself on productivity and a good attitude! Always loving the challenge at hand and the ability to work and succeed with others.

Michael Leary
Name : Michael Leary
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Just a couple pieces of the work I've done in the past year!


Comcast Venues

Lead the design, programming and dev team in full UI/UX for the Comcast arena and convention center program. Cosisting of developing a tiered system based on price and a client run module system which allowed them to create and manage their own pages. Laying the groundwork for the production of hundreds of sites all under the Comcast umbrella.

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Template System & CMS

My company was in need for a quicker site set up for more common site builds. With all departments in the mix we sat down and sketched up a user flow and wireframe that spoke to a quicker set up and build. The CMS was restructured to handle a templated base of modules that we constructed and an entire site that cut site build production in half.

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Ariva Fine Jewelry

Tasked with rebranding and re-positioning an existing brand for a website and full e-commerce cart process was a challenge I took head on. I dug deep and re-imagined our current cart process with a newly updated and easy to use process with current trends. Keeping in mind SEO and natural ranking we increased their sales within the first year.

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Tasked with taking what their old developer started and cleaning it up a bit. Well... I did much more than that. I reworked the entire theme and created their entire brand.
Using a third party plugin they wanted to use called Cornerstone in order to make editing easier down the road when they needed to make updates. I had to really tweak the code and styles to come up with a solution that they are incredibly happy with. Integrating in woo commerce for their commerce platform and integrating in the mail chimp API and Sales force API as well.

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iDomains is a freelance client I have done many projects with. From development of functionality documents to wireframing and full design and site builds. I have worked closely with their PM's to produce full stack and entire UI/UX work from inception to launch. Belows is a sample of some of the work I have done with them. Click through the mocks to see the full range.

Mocks for Admin Dashboard Internet.com Mock iDomains Site


Luxury Bazaar

A well known watch and jewelry company came to get a face lift on their site and brand. I lead the design and UI/UX and design team into a restructuring of their company position and their sales categories. Renaming their internal categories to line up with their name "luxe" was a huge success with the client and the user post launch through user studies.

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Brands I've Worked With


What can I do... you name it! Constantly on track and up to speed with pet projects and relentless research! Riding that wave of emotion and passion to help push me forward!

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    As the digital expert early on in my career I was able to touch many corners of client business and develop a strong sense of what works for brands. My digital and design strengths allowed me to strategically push brands and products into spaces they would not have considered previously.

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    20 years experience as a full stack web developer. Keeping my skills tight by still doing coding and web design on the side to help keep me up to speed and in line with the web trends. This philosphy helps me better communicate with all teams members on every team through development.

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    Sitemapping, wireframing, prototyping... oh my! Loving getting my hands dirty rebuilding the project from the ground on up!

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    I absolutely love working with and managing a team. Motivating, teaching and mentoring is something I have always found within myself. From developing young designers to working with all departments, I always try to make sure to keep it loose but keep it tight!

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    User Experience

    As a little kid I've always enjoyed taking something apart and putting it back together. Breaking down who is the client and respositioning with the knowldege learned! Analyze with what we are provided and anticipating what could come!

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    Always keeping my chops! I always feel you have to stay fresh! Keep up with trends and with the Jones'!


Dedication is the word I try to always keep in the forefront. Working hard for my employer and myself to constantly learn and grow! With over 2 decades of expereince in the web and design industry I have literally touched every aspect of the industry and business.

Check out my resume.

  • 2010 - Present

    Director of UI/UX

    AYC Media

    Build, manage and oversee the UI/UX department growing it from 1 into 3 UI designers, owning a variety of digital projects such as apps and websites from concept to launch. Conducting research and design for each new project to build a blueprint that will translate the client vision into a visual roadmap.

    Using a human-centered design approach and pushing forward through research and analysis, establish sitemap, user-flows, and navigation through creation of a detailed wireframe for hunderds of apps, websites and eccomerce sites. Establishing a process that would increase the profit of a full website build by thousands.

    Reimagined and laid out the architecture for AYC's new content management system and e-commerce platform through 3 stages of development. This new CMS is used across the board for all new website builds company wide. From templated websites to fully custom builds the new CMS is the backbone for the company's structure. Managing the entire scope of the team of 10 team, the project was a labor of love that took over 8 months from conception to build.

    Lead the design, programming and dev team in full UI/UX for the Comcast arena and convention center program. Consisting of developing a tiered system based on price and a client run module system which allowed them to create and manage their own pages. Laying the groundwork for the production of hundreds of arena and convention center sites all under the Comcast/Spectacor umbrella.

  • 2006 - 2010

    Online Content Director

    AYC Media

    Developed and created online brand strategy beginning with research, design mocks, and coding sites in PHP. Responsible for creating and maintaining 4 entertainment guides for Philadelphia media publications. Creation included website creation involving ASP and PHP and integrating search engine optimization standards.

    Managed brand development for Anheuser-Busch through a large scale viral internet campaign which focused on collecting and distributing the product on a local level. Being the agency of record, I lead the UI team through conception and build of the consumer engagement division of the company from Gamification apps through micro site builds.

  • 1999 - 2006

    Senior Designer


    Worked on internal and external adversting campaigns, new game promotions and created internal processes and marketing templates with Nintendo and Sony. Working under budgets to help promote new products and new games in the heart of the growing and very competitive video game boom.

    Organized and managed million dollar banner campaigns for Activision, Acclaim Entertainment, Atari, and Capcom just to name a few. I created advertising material and promotional modules for EA Games, Eidos Interactive and LucasArts.

    Guided workflow and developed efficient procedures for their e-commerce cart system. Performed usability testing and led interface and artistic design initiatives. Increased team consistency and efficiency through automation of tasks and task management.

  • 1995 - 1999


    Arrow International

    Webmaster and interactive media coordinator responsible for: Designing and maintaining Arrow's website.

    Security and server work.

    Interactive media, consisting of interactive CD-ROMs and interactive presentations.

    Designing and maintaining portions of Arrow's intranet.

    Designing company brochures, packaging graphics and booth graphics for trade shows.


I have always prided myself on the propensity to learn. From full stack development to traditional designer and now UI/UX specialist I work well with others and always focus on the job at hand.

Content Strategy


Go ahead... reach out to me! Let me know if you have any questions I could answer or problems I could solve!